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f1 was founded in 2004 by Amanda Fone. Over the last 16 years f1 has become one of the best connected recruitment consultancies in marketing & communications in London, finding career moves for people here and all over the world. We work with agencies and in-house teams of some of the world’s most loved brands in all industry sectors and across all marketing, communications & sponsorship disciplines.
f1 was founded in 2004 by Amanda Fone. Over the last 13 years f1 has become one of the best connected recruitment consultancies in marketing & communications in London, finding career moves for people here and all over the world. We work with agencies and in-house teams of some of the world’s most loved brands in all industry sectors and across all marketing, communications & sponsorship disciplines.
At Brands with Values we believe that its is our values that drive us. That’s why understanding and communicating the values that motivate our perspectives, decisions and behaviours, both as individuals and communities is key to our process at Brands with Values. We work across culture, behaviour and communications helping organisations to unearth, embed and articulate their values internally and externally. Driving change.
Nocturnal Cloud is a boutique digital agency offering bespoke design, development and cross-platform marketing, with specialist focus on online video. We work across web, mobile and native apps, serving a diverse range of clients from sectors encompassing music and film, financial and legal services, sports, broadcasting and digital public relations. In an ever increasing world of complex and fragmented platforms, methods of distribution and monetisation, we keep abreast of the latest consumer trends and behaviours, so you don’t have to.
Flockler is a social media website builder. The Flockler software is designed to combine different social media platforms into one hub. The BAME2020 website is powered by Flockler.
My Big Career
My Big Career’s mission is to provide free one-to-one career guidance to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and to break down barriers to social mobility. Their advice is delivered by professionally qualified advisers volunteering from within the independent sector.
Social Mobility Foundation
The Social Mobility Foundation (SMF) is a charity which aims to make a practical improvement in social mobility for young people from low-income backgrounds. The SMF provides opportunities and networks of support for 16-17 year olds who are unable to get them from their schools or families.
Taylor Bennett
The Taylor Bennett Foundation’s award-winning PR Training Programme exists to encourage BAME graduates to pursue a career in communications. They offer  training in communications, the media and business, as well as specialist careers advice. In addition to the core training, TBF has now also launched a mentoring programme that will support a greater number of young people pursing a career in PR.
Business in the Community – The Prince’s Responsible Business Network – is a business-led membership organisation made up of progressive businesses of all sizes who understand that the prosperity of business and society are mutually dependent.
VCCP is an international integrated communications agency, founded in 2002 on the principles of simplicity, collaboration, un-preciousness and integration around ideas rather than channels.We are the challenger agency for challenger brands. Put simply, we exist to transform the fortunes of our clients by challenging and disrupting the categories they operate in
Our creativity defines us and shapes everything we do. Our ambition is to create more than just adverts. Our mission is to collaborate with the world’s most ambitious brands to play a meaningful role in culture.
david Mcqueen
David McQueen, Professional Speaker and Coach
greenstars logo
We provide social, spiritual and exciting activities for children and young people across the community. We pride ourselves on implementing teachings from the Quran and our prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in our activities so that our young people have a positive and strong relationship with the Muslim faith and British society.
Our Founder and Chief Purpose Officer, Sulaiman Khan, set up this venture as he doesn’t see anyone like him in the creative industries whom he works with the last several years. Essentially, we are all just people, and through disabilities, we can develop new abilities that the world should know and benefit from; we all have disabilities to some degree or another.
Reach out to Kids logo
Reach out 2 Kids (ROK) is a volunteer-led charity which brings together Black and Asian professionals and business people, most of who grew up in working class or very modest backgrounds, who are committed to enabling children and young people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) and working-class backgrounds to achieve their career aspirations. We work with schools and businesses to help connect children and young people with positive black and Asian role models though a range of channels, including mentoring, workshops and industry days. We believe in breaking the barriers which exists through a lack of diversity and poor social mobility and consider that with the right tools children and young people can be better equipped to Believe in themselves, Achieve despite the odds and Succeed in their career aspirations.
BMSD logo
bmsd was founded in 2006 by Nasreen Rehman and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. We bring together a diverse group of Muslim democrats from a variety of ethnic and social backgrounds. We want to challenge perceptions, ideas and current thinking about British Muslims as a collectivity and the issues that affect the wider society. bmsd is not a theological group but one that advocates civic engagement and good citizenship. We are not concerned with judging or being judged on the basis of religious practice. If you call yourself a ‘Muslim’, you are most welcome to be a part of our movement. If you are non-Muslim, we equally welcome your association.
You make it logo
In addition to our bi-annual participant programmes, YMI make further impact by lending their knowledge and expertise to other business that want to improve their ability to support the young and underemployed demographic. Skills sharing is available in the form of consultancy, coaching and key note presentations from our founder.
Sour Lemons addresses the lack of social mobility and diversity in leadership roles across the creative industries. We do this by delivering creative leadership training programmes for young leaders from diverse backgrounds, alongside consultancy and bespoke training services for creative organisations.  At the heart of Sour Lemons is the belief that any disadvantage in life can be turned into an advantage. In other words, any sour lemon can be turned into lemonade.
creative mentor network logo
CMN is a London-based charity. We have a mission to make the creative world of work more inclusive through mentoring.
THE BRIGHTEST IDEAS DON’T COME FROM ONE PLACE. OR ONE TYPE OF PERSON. Yet last year 92% of creative jobs in the UK were held by the most ‘advantaged’ in society. That doesn’t add up for anyone. So we’re here to help move the creative, tech and communications industries in a more diverse direction. We’re asking them to think bigger and open their doors to students who don’t normally get a look-in. Students who may never have thought about joining the industry, yet are full of ideas.
What is Jolt? A creative development programme/round-robin internship scheme supporting creatives from all under-represented backgrounds.
For budding creatives: free bespoke training, mentorship, portfolio assistance, access to crits and internship opportunities.
For companies: talented and diverse interns, a rigorous internship structure, free mentorship training and pairing and access to HR workplace inclusivity workshops