Get Involved

Send us a message by e-mail or via the form if you want to join us as an Ambassador, Advisor, Recruitment Agency or Partner Supporter. You can find more information on these roles below:



  • Advocate progression for BAME professionals within the Marketing and Communications/PR sector
  • Help your current employer attract & retain talent from a BAME background – work alongside your Diversity & inclusion and Talent teams


  • Attend our quarterly events.  BAME2020 Ambassadors will play a role in matching people (companies/individuals) with programmes featured on the BAME2020 Community Platform
  • Find individuals who want to work with BAME2020 and invite them to our events and into our community.
  • Bring other programmes that are doing great work in the BAME Marketing sector into the BAME2020 community.
  • Work directly & get involved with at least two programmes of your choice from the BAME2020 community
  • Once the new community web platform is live, there will be the opportunity to be part of our comms team managing the BAME2020  social channels attracting  new ambassadors and leaders of programmes / hero-ing organisations that are doing great things.


  • 20+ years experience
  • Advise one ambassador team
  • Find resources or new contacts to enable the team
  • Enable internships in MMC field for 15-22 years old
  • Speak to a BAME 2020 quarterly meeting once a year
  • Share details of networking events with the BAME2020 group and get access for ambassadors
  • Introduce us to other like-minded senior marketers or talent directors across corporate, public sector and NGO
  • Be prepared to be reverse mentored by an Ambassador

Recruitment Agencies

  • Unconscious biais training
  • Maintain and publish quarterly statistics as in percentage of BAME candidates interviewed
  • Demonstrate commitment to encouraging more BAME into marketing and communication discipline

Partner Supports

  • Nominate a senior marketer to become an advisor and nominate an ambassador to the programme
  • Demonstrate company commitment to Inclusion & Diversity within the MMC function
  • Include BAME2020 in corporate outreach programme to create a wider joined up message
  • Provide a company logo and url to entry level roles on the Work for Us part of company website to provide clear signposting for BAME2020 entry level youngsters

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