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– is refreshingly candid at the IN2SABRE AWARDS 2019 about race, inclusion and the astonishing lack of diversity in the UK PR Agency sector. Recruitment is part of the challenge – Retention, the other. PR agencies need to become more inclusive places to work for everyone whatever their background. Read the link and you will probably agree that, yes, PR Agencies need to look at their in house recruitment policies and well done to those agencies that are taking positive action – but we need to go a step further. PR agencies must ensure their External Talent Partners ie their recruitment consultancies are actively working hard to encourage more diversity into the PR agency sector. It is disappointing that most PR agencies do not insist that their recruitment partners continually evidence what they ‘do’ to attract more diverse candidates. If agencies keep hunting in the same pool, using the same suppliers that are not as committed to changing the face of our sector as they are, our diversity stats will be the same in 2020. PS – 35% of f1’s PR freelancers/ contractors & 22% of our permanent candidates are BAME – this has not happened overnight and certainly not by chance!

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